Anika "Nika" Hunter is the tritagonist of Season 1, The deuteragonist of Season 2 and the protagonist of Season 3 in the series, Hunter Street.

She is portrayed by Kyra Smith.


Anika is the ‘little sister’ of the group. She has a great imagination - which sometimes gets her into trouble. She knows how to cheer people up and the whole group feels responsible for her even if she doesn’t feel like she needs to be looked after.


Anika has straight brown hair and brown eyes.


  • She was the youngest in the Hunter family, but when came Evie along, she became the second youngest.
  • She is considered to be the most outgoing in the family.
  • Anika is also known to talk a lot and not be quiet.
  • She has been in the Hunter family for the longest out of the kids, being adopted when she was only as young as a baby.
  • She turned 14 years old in The Birthday Gift.
  • It is revealed in Evil Narikoa that Oliver is her older twin brother.
  • In Siblings, it is revealed by Kate that her birth mother wanted to have a closed adoption which means her birth mother didn’t want her name revealed or how to find her.
  • Anika is the only character to appear in every episode of the series.


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