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Daniel "Danny" Hunter is a main character in Season 1 and Season 2 in the series, Hunter Street.

He is portrayed by Thomas Jansen.


Daniel is the oldest (and silliest) of the Hunter kids. He spends a lot of time working out and is a bit of a heartthrob. When their foster parents, Erik and Kate disappear, Daniel takes on the role of caretaker, convinced he's perfect for the job, but he can't quite figure out the dishwasher yet. Daniel has a huge crush on Simone, the attractive neighbourhood police officer. When she’s around, he has to try not to give away their secret while he daydreams of their perfect date, however, he soon moves onto another girl, Sophie, who he meets after she breaks into the house in "Undercover". Despite the fact that she is Saganash's daughter, it does not stop Daniel from thinking about her most of the time.

Personal Appearance

Daniel is tall and muscular due to the fact that he is constantly working out. Daniel is more of a strong silent type. He is both rebellious but also caring as he takes on the ‘caretaker’ role when his parents go missing.


  • It is revealed in the episode, The New Hunter, that Daniel works out to clear his head.
  • In the episode, Undercover, it shows Daniel falling in love with another girl called Sophie, who is Saganash's daughter, and from then on, throughout the episodes, it has transpired that she likes Daniel too but they’re both too nervous to admit it.
  • In Season 2, despite being a main character, Daniel has a smaller role as he is busy working as a police officer. This ties in with the seasons plot as he has to eavesdrop, find things and look through the footage throughout the season.
  • He is the oldest of all the Hunter kids.
  • Daniel lives in his own place from Season 2.
  • Daniel is absent in season 3 due to being at work and living at his own place but returns in Season 4.
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