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This Page is about the episode “Evie” you may be looking for the character Evie Hunter

Evie is the fourth episode in Season 2 of Hunter Street and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It first aired on January 31, 2018 to 0.95 million viewers.


The Hunters meet a young girl named Evie whose necklace has the same crown symbol as the cryptex; Erik reveals that he has a special connection to Evie.


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  • This is the fourth episode to have the title of a character's name.
  • This is the first episode where a character was absent, within the whole series. In this case, it was Max.
  • This marks the first appearance of Evie.
  • Evie is officially now the youngest of the Hunter Family.
  • This episode aired to 1.12 million viewers in total due to it airing on simulcast.
  • Jake and Tess had a misunderstanding in this episode.
  • Evie sleeps in the same bedroom as Anika's.
  • Evie was thought to be mute at first since she wasn't talking a lot. However, Evie's first sentence to say in the episode and as a character is "Thank you" as a reply to Kate that she is now an official Hunter.
  • Evie has the same necklace as the one painting displayed in the library and the same one Erik has.
  • As of this episode, Evie is added into the intro.
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