Evil Narikoa is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of Hunter Street. It first aired on August 16, 2019 to 0.10 million viewers.


Jasmyn encounters a problem looking for the next stone; Anika and Oliver spot Markus coming out of the planetarium; Sal and Jake uncover a secret that will change everything.


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  • It is revealed that Oliver and Anika are twins.
  • “Evil Narikoa“ is an anagram for Oliver Anika or Anika Oliver.
  • After this episode aired, the show went on a break, marking their first-ever midseason hiatus.
  • It is Sal who figures out that Anika and Oliver are twins because he noticed the two have their birthdays just a day apart, the same likes, dislikes, both being allergic to willow bark and both of them are finishing each other’s sentences. With the help of Jake looking at the hospital papers proved Sal’s instincts.

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