This is a page with rules you must follow at all times while on this wiki. If you see any user breaking any of these rules, please tell an admin.


  • No cursing.
  • No being inappropriate.
  • No inappropriate language.
  • No irrelevant commenting.
  • No vandalism or badge gaming. Vandalism is making bad-faith edits to the wiki. Badge gaming is making pointless edits just for achievements.
  • No spamming. Spamming is sending disruptive messages repeatedly, or advertising.
  • No cyberbullying.
  • Don't disrespect admins. If you disagree with an admin, there's a polite way to let them know. This also includes nagging them to grant you user rights.
  • No posting links to pirated content, and no leaks. Posting links to full episodes and uploading videos of full episodes from YouTube/Vimeo/Dailymotion (etc.) onto this wiki is not tolerated. Anything considered a leak is anything that hasn't been released by Disney in any country nor has it been released by the show's crew or casting sources.
  • Stay on topic. For example, don't talk about how much you love Sal on the Max page.
  • Don't add non-canon information to pages. For speculation and fanon, please use forum discussions, comments, blog posts, etc.
  • Use a descriptive file name when uploading images. Use the format Season #, Episode # (descriptive name here) when uploading images. Images that don't follow that format will be deleted or renamed (most likely renamed). If the image is not of an episode, use an appropriate file name, not something like, for example, FLRW894289J3RA.jpg.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, leave a message on their message walls.

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