Jennie "Jen" is a recurring character in Season 2 of Hunter Street.

She is portrayed by Alyssa Guerrouche.


Jennie first appears in Season 2, in the episode, The New Friend. She is really smart and is really good at doing technical things on the computer. She carries her laptop everywhere she goes and records a lot of stuff she does. She was first seen helping the Hunter's as she let them watch her recording, hoping to find Lucia. She then later contacted Sal, but as Apoll0. She fixes their heating system and also helps them reveal the mole. At the end of the season she becomes a Relative.

Episode Appearances

Season 2

Overall Appearances: 11/70 Episodes


  • Sal has feelings for Jennie, but it is very most likely unreciprocated.
  • She has appeared in eight episodes in Season 2.
  • Her first appearance was the episode, The New Friend.
  • Jennie did not appear in Season 3.
  • Even though she did not appear in Season 3, Jennie will return in Season 4
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