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Maximillian "Max" Hunter is a main character of Hunter Street.

He is portrayed by Stony Blyden.

Mini Biography

Maximillian "Max" Hunter is the newest member of the Hunter Family in Season 1, before joining, he was in and out of foster homes, and the Hunters were the last family. Tim was able to find before having to send Max to the orphanage, Blackfriar's. Max is courageous, naturally cool and funny. After bouncing around a lot of foster homes, he’s developed a sense of humor. He can come across as cocky but has a heart of gold. Of all the foster children, Max is the most streetwise. Once he finds himself embraced by the Hunter family, he is incredibly loyal and ends up rallying (and cheering up) the other kids as they hunt for their parents.


One of his most notable attributes of Max is that he is an outgoing person! In fact, Kate stated that he was an adventurous person in the first episode, and many would say that that would accurately describe him. But, sometimes he can be found trying to be "normal" or "cool", although the Hunter family encourages him to just be himself. Outside of that, he is very cool, kind, and clever and would do anything for his family.

Personal Appearance

His hair is brown and has dark brown eyes. He is seen wearing mostly flannel shirts and illustrated t-shirts.


  • Erik and Kate were kidnapped the next day after Max showed up, and he has been seen to feel less connected to the family due to this.
  • He is afraid of spiders and rats.
  • In the first episode, it tells just how Max has been kicked out of foster homes, one of the reasons being that in one house, he led a stray dog stampede.
  • He is claustrophobic.
  • Max has a very minor role in the second season, due to him going abroad to see his biological parents.
  • Despite originally being the show's main protagonist, Max doesn't appear in Season 3. Though, he does get a few mentions. There could be a possibility of Max returning in Season 4.
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