The RecoFize 2.1 is a software Sal Hunter created and is first seen in the episode 'The Secret Room'.       


The RecoFize 2.1 was a software introduced by Sal Hunter in the season one episode, 'The Secret Room '. In that episode, the Hunter kids had a picture of Rinus Saganash but didn't know how to get information out of it. Until the RecoFize 2.1 crossed Sal 's mind. He then proceeded to insert Rinus' picture into the software, which is on a laptop, and waited for a match to be found. After a while, a match was found and they then got a location to search. All thanks to Sal's genius invention, the RecoFize 2.1.


The RecoFize 2.1 is used to find out more about people, just from one picture of them, It does take a while to find a match but when it does, it finds who you're looking for. To use the RecoFize 2.1, you would need to have either a laptop or computer.