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Tess Hunter is a main character in the series, Hunter Street, serving as the deuteragonist of Season 1 and the protagonist of Season 2.

She is portrayed by MaeMae Renfrow.


Tess is a sweet girl who loves to read books and is kind to all, she is the most independent of them and is very fierce and protective of the Hunter family. She is still fun, witty and friendly though. Tess cares deeply about her family.


Tess has brown wavy hair and blue eyes. She has a very distinct alternative style. Key features in her style are leather jackets and black painted nails.


  • Tess is very into reading.
  • She is the second oldest hunter child.
  • Tess is always seen in a Leather Jacket.
  • Though Tess appears in every episode of the first two seasons, she is not seen in Season 3 and Season 4.
  • Tess is a terrible cook.
  • In Season 1 and Season 2, she is in most of the outdoor missions.
  • It is possible that she has the greatest emotional attachment to Max as compared to her other siblings though she does not show so as seen by the fact that she sometimes secretly laughs at Max's antics and cried when he leaves for Spain to meet his biological parents in the episode Max.
  • According to Kate in the episode Evie, Tess was only interested in her books and did not talk at all when she first joined the Hunter family. However, she learnt to open up to others and become a great respectable sister in the family over time.
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